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Law Firm TV Commercials - Our Law Firm Marketing Strategies and Proven Law Firm TV Commercials Dramatically Increase Case Loads and Make Your Revenue and Profits Soar

Discover why our Lawyer TV Commercials will make your competition green with envy and your bank account explode.

Effective law firm marketing campaigns bring in large numbers of desirable new cases using the broad reach of television advertising. But so many law firm marketing campaigns use Law Firm TV commercials that negatively impact the law firms brand and the reputation of the firm's lawyers among their peers and with the community they serve.

This is nonsense and can be avoided by using law firm TV productions specifically created and directed to not only pull large numbers of direct response leads but also to simultaneously improve the law firms brand. Our law firm TV commercials easily accomplish this goal and even better they do it in a surprisingly affordable way.

Yes its true, Madison Avenue quality TV commercial production takes exceptional talent from a dedicated creative team and the investment in such a team will likely exceed a limited advertising budget. It’s a big dilemma, but this dilemma has a cheerful solution.

It’s Legal Marketing Strategists extensive library of exceptional quality Law Firm TV commercials that are already produced and available for exclusive license on a geographic basis.

Our Law Firm TV Commercials Are Powerfully Effective, and Exclusively Licensed To Positively Brand Your Firm

Our library is extensive and contains high impact Law Firm TV commercials in many legal specialties, including...

Pharmaceutical Drug Injury
Medical Malpractice
Serious Personal Injury
Criminal Defense
BAD FAITH Insurance

Bankruptcy and much more

These commercials are highly effective new case generators as proven through previous use in other geographic areas. Importantly, we will customize each of our Law Firm TV Commercials specifically for you with important information about your law firm.

Experience Two Of Our Sample Law Firm TV Commercials Now, We Have Hundreds More And Each Is Field Tested To Land Thousands Of Cases

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Dial-up Cable/DSL
Dial-up Cable/DSL
Dial-up Cable/DSL
Dial-up Cable/DSL
Dial-up Cable/DSL
Click here if you experience any viewing problems.

The Many Benefits You Will Enjoy By Investing In Our Law Firm TV Commercial Library

Below are just a few of the outstanding benefits.

  • Rapid time to market
    - the Law Firm TV commercials are produced and available now
  • Lower risk
    - these Law Firm TV commercials are marketplace proven to get results
  • Extensive selection
    – we have Law Firm TV Commercials for virtually every legal specialty
  • Exclusivity
    – during the license period you have exclusive on-air rights in your DMA area. Each Law Firm TV Commercial is designed to make your competition green with envy.
  • Lower investment and better results
    – WOW, an incredible selection of low risk network quality Law Firm TV Commercials cheaply priced with exclusive licenses, that are field tested and proven to make your case loads, revenue and profits soar.

    But wait, there's more.

We also show you every trick, technique and tip in the book for buying better media spots at remarkably lower costs.

Buying smarter comes from 25 years of experience in the media buying trenches. We use a media roadmap that step-by-step helps our clients shave thousands of dollars from advertising costs.

Why not stop losing this serious money to media giants, and start putting it back into your pocket. We're sure you'll just laugh as you use it on your next great trip to Europe, Hawaii or on some other exotic location, all the while knowing you now know closely guarded buying secrets your competitors don't.

  • Additional Savings
    – ask about our multiple commercial and license renewal discounts

Our Exclusive License - TV Commercial Program Covers The Following Specialties

The list below shows the specialties that our exclusive license Law Firm TV Commercial Program now covers. This list is growing faster than we update this site so if your specialty is not listed contact us anyway, as we may have your desired commercial already produced or scheduled for custom production.

  • Pharmaceutical Drug Injuries
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Serious Personal Injury
  • Criminal Defense
  • Insurance BAD FAITH

The private side of this site contains online streaming video versions of our entire TV commercial library. You can use these videos to view the available commercials in the category of your choice. License fees for each commercial are also published in this section. Please note, the private side is only for qualified law firms, and to enter requires an assigned user name and password. We will be happy to assign this access information as soon as you contact us. Thanks for your interest.

Let our exclusive license Law Firm TV Commercials Program begin building your profits today. Contact us to further discuss. It’s Your Move!

How Do I View Your Sample TV Commercials?
Our sample TV spots can be viewed using Windows Media Player, Quick Time or Real Player. If your computer is not already set up with one of these streaming media players, you can download and install it for free using the download icons on the right sidebar of this page. We recommend you use Windows Media Player for best results. Also when you play the sample commercials make sure you select the correct download speed based on your type of Internet access. Contact us for help if you have any viewing problems.

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