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Public Relations Because News Sales Best

Why It's Critical To Reach Out To Analysts, Editors and Journalists

Continually implementing a public relations campaign is an essential strategy for building your brand and growing your firm’s revenue and profits. Our strategic public relations team understands the press and multiple vertical markets, and this gives us an important edge in confidently and fluently presenting your firm to analysts, editors and journalists.

Our public relations experts know who covers what and how to get their attention. The result is published news and articles about you instead of your competitors. We get your news published in the media that matters most for your success, and we do all of this cost effectively.

The Five Critical Steps Of A Public Relations Program That Creates Sales

  • Press kit development
    Our creative team produces a press kit that showcases your brand. This kit includes a fact sheet on your firm, a firm history, staff biographies and photos, past press releases, testimonials and other relevant data. This information is then made available for quick, easy access by editors and journalists to use in their news stories about you.
  • Press tours
    It's important for editors and journalists to make a personal connection with key members of your firm. We structure press tours that get you quickly in personal meetings with multiple editors and journalists. We coach you on the most effective ways for your staff to present themselves in these meetings, and after each meeting with the press we follow-up with each contact to further build your relationship.
  • Press releases
    When you have important news it's time for a press release. We create well written, newsworthy press releases that interest readers. We are a reliable go to source for editors and journalists who count on us to help them do their job more effectively.
  • Press stories
    The press looks for more than just hard news stories. They often have a place for stories of business or human interest about your firm. We find these opportunities and get you published in them.
  • Speaking Engagements
    We help get members of your team positioned as experts in their specialty. We work to get you invited to important speaking engagements at conferences, trade shows, and other relevant events of interest. We find the right events for your expertise and get you involved in them.

Are hard hitting news stories and brand building articles now being published on a frequent basis about your firm’s expertise and accomplishments? If not, you should be asking yourself, why not? A continuing public relations campaign that is managed and implemented by public relations pros is a wise tactical move.

We can help. Call us today to further discuss this important strategy. It's Your Move!


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