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Can Your Firm Pass The Branding Test

How To Discover The One Powerful Answer That Makes Your Brand Successful

Law firms with a positive image have market power. Their brand evokes positive emotions in the minds of their prospects and clients. These images and emotions declare these firms and their services to be unique and desirable and wise to retain. Firms with recognizable brands are the most successful and profitable.

There is only one question to the Branding Test and it has one powerful answer. To create a positive recognizable brand you must first know what makes you unique. Then you must artfully and consistently communicate this uniqueness to the marketplace with a branding campaign that leaves no stone unturned.

This answer sounds simple but actually it can be a rather complex undertaking to properly implement. Even with the answer in hand most amateur marketers get very confused and do a miserable job trying to use it. Most understand the strategy but very few understand the tactics required to make the strategy work. We can help you with these tactics.

How To Eliminate The Confusion And Discover Must Do Tactics For Your Branding Initiatives

Branding is often confused with developing a slogan and creating a unique graphic identity package. Yes, identity copy and designs are needed, but they are useless if created incorrectly. The world is full of slogans and logos that do nothing to positively help brand the firms using them. They were created without an understanding of differentiating tactics that work.

You must arm yourself with the knowledge of mistakes that are often made, and of tactics that will get you thinking on the right tract. Differentiate or Die, by Jack Trout and Steve Rivkin, is an excellent read on this subject.

As you dig in it may surprise you to learn that quality of service, client orientation, creativity, price, and depth of offerings are rarely differentiating ideas. If you are advertising any of these as your point of difference then you are most likely failing. Most of these points are either a given or are counter-productive to your success.

On the other hand being first, being the latest, being hot, being the leader, being preferred, having a unique attribute, telling how you do what you do uniquely, having heritage, and being market specialists, are all differentiating ideas that work. Also, knowing what makes your firm and its services different is serious motivation for your staff. If managed right, they will embrace this difference, and implement it with pride.

Our branding team has valuable experience in helping you discover your uniqueness and lunching proven branding strategies and tactics that make you stand out in the marketplace. Never again will your messages be lost in the maze, going unheard and not remembered.

Let us help you structure this very important initiative. Contact us today. It’s Your Move.


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