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What Is Your Office Doing With Your Clients? Are You Sure

Imagine Having An Attentive Captive Audience And Blowing The Opportunity

Usually when a firm is running efficiently management becomes comfortable and stops asking the question: Is my firm running as effectively as it could? Not continually challenging your effectiveness eventually results in the loss of clients that represent enormous value to your firm.

What Does Being Effective Really Mean?

Efficient and effective are words that sound similar, but they have enormously different meanings. Being efficient means doing things right and that deals with quantity; whereas, effective means doing the right things and that deals with quality. So being effective translates to:

  • Never missing an opportunity to provide better client service.
  • Implementing more and better ways to cross sell your services to your existing clients.
  • Never missing or mishandling the call from that one unknown, but incredibly valuable new client.
  • Making sure your staff is properly trained, always acts professional and brings life to your client retention and new client generation goals rather than murdering them.
  • Not being comfortable and always challenging yourself to improve the way your firm operates.

There are many ways to improve your firm’s effectiveness and from a marketing perspective we highlight a few of these in this website. Do yourself a favor and navigate to these pages and read them. Then seriously consider their many benefits. Adding these services will make your organization more effective, and this means more and happier clients.

Eliminating the marketing mistakes that you may now be making in the normal day-to-day operation of your office is a wise strategic move. These tactical marketing mistakes cost serious money in lost revenue and firm reputation.

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