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Let The Ghost Call In And Watch Your Revenues Grow

No Not Spooky, Just An Electrifying Tactic For Growing Revenue, Here's Why

A carefully constructed series of ghost calls is one of the best ways to evaluate the effectiveness of your training programs and to improve staff skills and professionalism. The process works by having us call your firm posing as a potential client. After the call we provide you with an audio recording of the conversation and a written evaluation that documents positive feedback and offers suggestions for improvement.

Our team works with you to structure each call, so that your specific objectives are met. The process motivates your employee’s to consistently provide excellent client service to all of your clients and prospects. Client retention increases as each of your existing clients receives better service.

The audio recordings and our written evaluations provide a reliable source for more effective training. This additional training improves the skills of your staff and helps eliminate problems that result in lost sales. Staff morale increases as your employees become better trained and are rewarded for a job well done.

Should Your firm Be Taking A Chance On Losing These Benefits?

  • Significantly lowers your risk of lost sales because of poor communication, lack of client service skills and timely follow-up
  • Motivates your staff to consistently provide great client service
  • Makes you aware of problems you may have never dreamed were happening
  • Provides you and your staff the feedback they need to improve their skills and performance
  • Gives you a definitive way to evaluate your staff's client service skills
  • Provides a system for rewarding superior performance and eliminating sub-standard skills and poor attitudes
  • Let’s you know what your clients and prospects already know about you, and helps you pinpoint areas for improvement.

Ghost calling is a tactic proven to increase firm profits. The cost of this service is almost nothing when compared to losing lucrative clients.

We encourage you to add this low cost, high impact service to your portfolio of wise marketing decisions. It’s Your Move!


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