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To Firms Who Need to Retain Existing Clients

This Advice Is Critical In Discovering How Not To Lose Them

Having great clients today does not mean you will have them tomorrow. Your clients continually evaluate the benefits they get from you, relative to what they feel they may get from your competition. If their evaluation is positive they remain, if negative they defect.

In most firms 20 percent of the clients produce 80 percent of the revenue, and so developing strategies to retain clients is a critical component of a strategic marketing plan. Yet, many firms consider client retention as something outside the boundaries of marketing, and so this essential strategy often receives only a very small portion of the marketing departments attention. We feel this attitude is suicidal and we counsel against it.

When a major client defects, you immediately realize how much this lost revenue hurts you and is now being enjoyed by your more marketing savvy competition. Often it takes an incredible amount of additional time and resources to just get back to where you were.

Research shows that the loss of a client is usually not due to a single catastrophic event, but to a cumulative series of things done wrong. You cannot expect these day to day steps to be intuitively carried out by your staff. Rather you must put in place a client retention program that trains your staff on the correct strategies and tactics to use and then you must implement and monitor this program and hold every person in your firm accountable for its success.

What Client Retention Strategies Do:

  • Improve relationship value drivers used by clients to evaluate you
  • Help you stay steps ahead of your competition in delivering value
  • Discovers your clients everyday experiences with your firm
  • Puts in place technologies that keep clients loyal

Our client retention strategies are designed to help you understand and embrace the secrets of a client retention program that works, and works amazingly well. The result for your firm is recurring revenue and profits that serve as the lifeblood of your organization.

We encourage you to discover more about how we can help you develop a commanding client retention program. What could be better than having loyal clients that consistently produce recurring revenues and unsolicited referrals for years to come.

Let us help show you the best strategies and tactics to use to accomplish this very important goal. It’s Your Move!



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