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Fabulous Creative Advertising, But Please No Awards

Why To Never Choose An Agency Whose Reputation Is Based On Design Awards

What do you mean Clio awards are not to be coveted? Isn't this the best way to judge the quality of an agencies work? The answer is no, and the reason is because almost all creative advertising awards are given for designs that are useless in getting new clients.

This is sad because new clients are the life sustaining force for all businesses. We think creative awards should only be given for advertising designs and productions that are proven to bring in a flood of new clients. This is logical, but most creative agencies disagree.

Rather, they measure the success of their ad campaigns based on how many design awards are won. This gives them bragging rights to use in winning new clients for themselves. New clients paid for by old clients that got the bad end of the deal. This is wrong, and there is a better way.

Our graphic designers and production talent are among the worlds absolute best, but we don't care about design awards. What we do care about is creating wealth generating programs for you.

These programs contain exceptional creative design, but more importantly they bring in floods of new clients to generate wealth for you. Now isn't this a much better metric to use in judging who should get creative advertising awards?

This One Advertising Strategy Will Get You Many New clients

Your clients must know why you are not just another me-too type of firm, and it must make clear the compelling benefits you offer. Your advertising fails if it does not motivate your prospects to buy from you now.

Our creative advertising programs get this job done, and done exceptionally well. Each of our creative initiatives serves to convince your clients that you can be trusted to meet their demands better than anyone else.

If you are like most firms you desperately need of a wise marketing strategy, with brilliant tactics that are proven to bring in new clients. Creating these strategies and tactics takes incredible marketing, creative, and technical skill. This is what we are all about.

We use visionary strategies to create wealth generating programs that will serve you beyond your highest expectations. This is our point of difference, and it is a huge one compared to almost all of our competition.

Why not contact us today? It’s a wise tactical decision and we encourage you to make it. It’s Your Move!

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Finally Here, Website Designs That Truly Get New clients! Finally Here, Website Designs That Truly Get New clients!

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Captivating Media Productions That Win clientsCaptivating Media Productions That Win clients

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New firm Marketing Kit Worth 10 Times Its Cost New firm Marketing Kit Worth 10 Times Its Cost




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