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Make Your Site A Dynamic News Center And Prosper

How To Make Your Site Dynamically Informative

An effective marketing strategy is to keep your website fresh and alive with dynamically changing content that involves and informs your site visitors. The best way to accomplish this strategy is by adding dynamic news feeds to your site.

There are multiple national and international news feeds that are constantly aware of the current news on subjects of your choice. The best of these news services allow you to customize their feed, so you get only the news you want.

This customization requires some programming of the news feed script so that it uses the best “keywords” for your specialty when it searches for the available news. With this customization programmed in, you can query thousands of news sources and they report back with the latest breaking news on the topics searched.

How To Publish Different Kinds Of News For Your Customers Versus Your Staff

News feeds can be programmed so links to the relevant news articles found are automatically published to your site daily, often within moments of their original release. Even better, the news can be categorized and made relevant for the various types of site users that you define.

This means that on the private “Intranet” side of your site you can publish news stories that help train, educate and inform your employees and other team members. On the public “Internet” side of your site you can publish different news stories that are more relevant to your prospects and customers, and on your expertise and experience in serving them.

Why To Build In Graphic Design So Published News Helps Build Your Brand

You should publish your news results in a graphic layout that is user friendly and integrates artistically with the look-&-feel of your site. Your site design always reflects on your company image, and this reflection should always be highly positive. You should never miss an important opportunity to further build your brand.

Dynamically adding the latest breaking news of your choice to your website is a wise marketing move that improves staff knowledge, informs and involves customers and keeps them coming back to you.

We can add this service to your site quickly and affordably and we highly recommend that you do this. So make a wise tactical move and contact us today. It’s Your Move!




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