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Internet Yellow Page Advertising - Its Time Has Come

How To Reach 40 Million People At Low Cost

Over 40 million people are now using the Internet Yellow Pages to locate the products and services they need. Research indicates that Internet Yellow Pages are now often being used instead of printed yellow pages. Fortunately, reaching these people is relatively inexpensive and may dramatically improve your overall yellow page advertising results.

There are many Internet Yellow page sites and so it’s important to make sure your firm is listed in the right ones. Some Internet Yellow Page publishers drive traffic to their sites through affiliations with other sites, while others use advertising to build brand awareness and gain traffic.

We evaluate Internet Yellow Page publishers by traffic, affiliations, features and cost. We research and place your advertising in the most relevant directories so you have the greatest likelihood of reaching your target client base.

The Latest Internet Yellow Pages Statistics

  • 40 million people use Internet Yellow Pages every month
  • 84% of Internet Yellow Page users contact a business they found
  • 62% of Internet Yellow Page users make a purchase from a business they contacted

What Are The Advantages of Internet Yellow Pages

  • You can track the success for verifiable ROI
  • Little crossover from printed Yellow Pages
  • They are geographically sensitive
  • No close dates – Your advertising can be placed in a matter of days!
  • Low risk – Internet Yellow Pages are inexpensive so ROI can be substantial.
  • Very targeted audience – No other reason to be on an IYP site.

Let us work with you to determine if Internet Yellow Page advertising is a strategy that is right for your firm. Contact us today to further discuss this opportunity. It’s Your Move!



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