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Yellow Page Advertising Beyond Your Expectations

How To Get A Yellow Page Strategy That Saves Money And Gets Better Results

A sound yellow page marketing strategy can keep you from losing thousands of hard dollars in bad yellow page buys and can bring in significant positive results if the yellow page campaign is constructed wisely. It's a wise move to structure your yellow page campaign to maximize your return on investment. A great way to do this is by working with the nation’s most effective yellow page Certified Marketing Representatives (CRM’s).

By working with CRM’s responsible annually for placing millions of dollars in yellow page advertising we are often able to negotiate substantially better rates for you. Additionally we stay completely informed on the many discounted programs and free opportunities that are often available.

Discover The Best Data Available To Target Market Your Yellow Page Campaign

We use the following data in creating the most cost effective targeted campaigns.

  • Publisher Databases
    This data provides crucial demographic, radius and distribution information on any Yellow Page directory in the U.S.
  • Competitive Reviews
    These reviews show you how, where, when and why your competition is advertising - anywhere in the United States.
  • PAYS Data (acronym for Proof that Advertising in Yellow Pages Sells)
    Data produced by The Association of Directory Marketing that show test results on Yellow Page ads placed throughout the country under various industry headings.
  • Media Impact Studies
    Studies produced by the National Yellow Pages Monitor that gauge the Yellow Pages effectiveness relative to other media.
  • Marketing the Medium
    An industry wide testing program that lets you see how your Yellow Page investment is working. Several types of tests are available depending on your needs, heading, ad size and new market expansion tests.

New Yellow Page Statistics To Consider

81% of consumers agree that they start at the beginning of a heading when they do not have a firm in mind.

70% of consumers agree that they usually look at the larger ads in the Yellow Pages when they are not sure where to make the purchase.

66% of all consumers view businesses with larger ads as having an established reputation!

76% of consumers said Yellow Pages often influenced them to contact a business they had not considered before looking in the Yellow Pages!

83% of advertisers agree that Yellow Pages reach firms not reached by other media people already in the market to buy!

We can help you decide if a yellow page advertising campaign is right for your firm, and if so we can help you structure the campaign to be more effective and cost less money? Contact us to further discuss demographics, deadlines, directory options and cost. It's Your Move!



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