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The Incredible Effect Of Radio When Done Right

What Are The 2 Ingredients That Great Radio Advertising Must Include

Radio like most media can be a waste of money if done wrong. On the other hand, radio can be a highly effective component of your overall marketing strategy if done right. So, what are the ingredients of great radio advertising?

1. Create Engaging Spots That Are Persuasive And Are Remembered

The construction of the radio message and the voice delivering the message is critical. If the message is predictable and not pleasing to hear, your brain is wired to tune it out. If you use predictable copy and only average radio voice talent, your radio spot will not be listened to and will not make your phone ring.

You must eliminate this tune-out phenomenon by building your radio campaigns with compelling words and phrases that explode into a thousand pictures and feelings that motivate response. And, you must use unique, powerful voice talent that intrigues and pleases the listeners, drawing them into the experience.

2. Know The Many Negotiating Secrets Of An Intelligent Radio Buy

The second ingredient of great radio advertising is an intelligent media buy. You must know what buying strategy works and what does not. This is an area where inexperienced amateurs always fail. You must be wary of the radio salesman who can give you many reasons to buy what he or she recommends. Just remember these are commission driven employees motivated by reasons that generally do include your best interest.

We can help with both of these key ingredients.

The Way We Help

Simply stated, our radio spots are informative, believable, memorable and persuasive. Also, we research and stay on top of station demographics, so we are more effective at reaching your target audience.

We are expert at negotiating the best prices and placement to meet your needs. We have over thirty years of experience doing this, and we have seen all the tricks that we can help you avoid.

If you are considering radio or other marketing initiatives then make a wise move and contact us. It’s Your Move!



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