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Compelling Print Advertising Must Do This

Why We Advise That Some Printed Advertising Be Thrown Away

Print materials must be designed so they consistently enhance your brand, and always differentiate you from your competition. They must offer compelling benefits to the reader and they must contain a call to action that gets positive direct response. If your printed advertising is not doing this then our advice is to throw it away.

Also, printed advertising is generally best when it serves a secondary role to other media initiatives. This is because printed messages are not received and remembered as well as spoken messages.

Even so, print publications do have many distinct advantages over spoken productions, and so they still must play an important role in any well designed marketing campaign. Creatively produced print publications, provide an effective way for you to penetrate a target audience that would not be easily reached using spoken media.

There are an incredible number of types of printed advertising and each has strengths and weaknesses. You must know the types that are highly effective and the types that rarely are. We can help with this.

How We Can Keep You From Making Critical Mistakes

We have great knowledge and experience in all of the print mediums and our designs are researched and field tested for results. We don’t believe in creative design that is not held accountable. We feel collateral materials that don’t generate results are lame, no matter how pretty they may be, or how much they cost. This attitude is rare in the advertising industry, and this is the reason so many creative mistakes are made.

Also, our print buyers are always there with intelligent, experienced recommendations for ideal size, placement and frequency. We know your local market demographics and how to get you the maximum exposure and market reach.

Contact us to further discuss your ideas and needs for dynamic, creative print solutions. We look forward to your call or online contact. It’s Your Move!



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