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The Magic 7 Words Of Outdoor Advertising

Why This Medium Can Work For You

Creativity is essential in outdoor advertising. You must create outdoor advertising with riveting graphics and simple, easy to understand messages that build your brand and pull response. Using seven or fewer compelling words that uniquely convey what you offer usually works best. The results can seem almost magical. Research studies prove that interesting and compelling outdoor ads are welcome by an often bored audience that is looking for something to read.

Also, the medium is unique in other ways as you can geographically target it to reach the audience of your choice, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And, remember outdoor advertising includes much more than just billboards. It also includes airport ads, bus signs, mall posters, transit shelters, stadium signs, bench advertising and more. You have many options, and you need to understand the benefits and weaknesses of each of them from the inside out.

We can help you choose the outdoor medium that best fits your overall strategic marketing goals. We maintain strong relationships with all of the major outdoor media firms, and so our outdoor buyers can offer you the best locations and price.

Benefits To You Of Our Outdoor Advertising Include

  • More outdoor media choices
  • Best rates and locations
  • Partnering with an experienced agency
  • Complete integration and alignment with your marketing goals

Outdoor advertising is one of the oldest advertising mediums and with many recent technology advances it is surging in popularity. Let us help you determine if this unique medium is a good tactical move for your firm. Contact us today. It’s Your Move!



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