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Don't Underestimate The Power Of Electronic Media

The Reason Why E-Newsletters Are Virtual Rainmakers

When effectively designed electronic newsletters give new prospects compelling reasons why they should choose you. They also are highly effective in cross-selling existing clients on your other service offerings. Why they are so important is really very simple.

First, electronic newsletters sale for you in a news format. This news format is so important because clients and prospects do not like to be sold, rather they like to be informed so that they can make wise buying decisions.

Second, electronic newsletters are virtual rainmakers, and they stop the procrastination syndrome. Most everyone understands the significant benefits that come from consistently being in front of your prospects and clients, but this understanding does not prevent procrastination. It's incredible how often attorneys get caught up in the day to day operating activities of running their firm, and then procrastinate away the revenue generating marketing work they should also be doing. So, take our advice and use electronic newsletters as virtual rainmakers.

What Must Be Included In An E-Newsletter That Makes Them Powerful

To make electronic newsletters powerful you must publish informative and relevant content in a highly pleasing visual format with color, graphics and hard hitting headlines. You must have headlines that give readers a reason to learn more about your services and expertise and what is happening in your specialty. As in any news story, the headline must engage and interest the reader, or they will never read another word of the copy no matter how good it is.

You should also include dynamic features in your e-newsletters. An example of dynamic functionality is the "Forward to a Friend" feature, that makes it easy to gain referrals from your newsletter subscribers. There are many more dynamic e-newsletter features like this one, and used collectively they usually create substantial new revenues from your prospects and clients.

How To Make E-Newsletters Simple, Affordable And Automatic

This is where we come in. We make the process automatic by handling the design and formatting, and adding all the dynamic functionality. We then work with you to select the newsletter stories and create the compelling copy.

We make the process simple by distributing the e-newsletters to your target audience. We also make the newsletters available from the home page of your website, and we create visual motivation for your site visitors to subscribe to your newsletter service. Being a newsletter subscriber gets them more involved with your firm and gains you repeat traffic.

Professionally creating and consistently delivering e-newsletters results in lucrative new business. So, why not contact us today, and lets make this wise advertising tactic automatic, simple and highly profitable for you? It’s Your Move!


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