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Calendars and Postcards - Simple, Powerful Revenue Builders

Working For You For FREE

Your customers are always grateful when you think of them, and give them something useful for FREE. There are two very simple, low cost but very powerful ways to do this. First send a custom designed magnetic calendar that positively brands your company. Second, follow up every month by sending a custom four color, get-involved postcard that includes advice, or instructions on any subject that is likely to be of benefit to your customer.

Your customers will appreciate you thinking about them, and will remember and likely choose you when they need your products or services. Additionally, they will work for you for FREE by giving you continuing referrals. This is really simple, highly affordable, powerful advertising at its best, and because everything is pre-produced the implementation goes into automatic mode and becomes totally hassle free to you.

How To Make These Tactics Even More Powerful

  • Make Your Calendars Micro-Billboards
    It's important that you design your calendars so they serve as billboards in the home and on the road. Do this by making them magnetic. Magnetic calendars become micro- billboards in the home. They end up stuck to the refrigerator and many other places that your customers visit everyday, and they are often looked at by everyone.

    Do you know that the average person refers to a calendar 7 times a day and that by placing it on the refrigerator that number is increased? Calendar Magnets are sent each year and people that get them are grateful and they reward you by choosing you and sending you lucrative referrals. Our advice, is don't miss out on this one.

  • Make Postcards That Get Your Customers Involved
    The most important thing to know about postcards is that if they are designed properly they will get read and not thrown away. The secret is to design them properly. Here's the best way to do this. Design the cards so they contain information that is likely to motivate the customer to get involved in doing an activity explained on the card.

    For example, create a four color card that displays mouth-watering food with an easy to follow recipe that shows how to make it. This is just one of many examples. The point is, create a card that gets the reader motivated to do, or learn or get something that goes beyond your typical product of service offering. Of course you will include this too, but not just this. The properly designed card will do both.

    The result is your message gets read and remembered, builds your brand and leaves your prospects and customers grateful that you thought of them. Get-involved postcards are an extremely effective, low cost tactic, that you should be doing. Let us help you get this important advertising tactic underway.

How We Can Help

Yes, magnetic calendars and get-involved postcards are a simple, powerful and low cost advertising tactic that you should be doing. When you get going with this you must make sure you do it the right way. The design and content are critical and should be carefully created to differentiate you in the market place and build your image and get direct response. This creative design process takes expert marketing and creative talent. This is who we are and what we do.

Contact Us today and lets get this simple, powerful revenue builder working for you. It's Your Move!



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