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Recent Testimonials

After working for over 20 years with the principals of Legal Marketing Strategists I have only good things to say about them and their excellent work. As the managing partner of Chandler, Franklin, & O’Bryan I used their advertising strategies and exceptional productions to help us grow from a small law firm to one of Virginia’s 20 largest with over 30 offices in four states. Their media strategies were wisely created and implemented and continually brought in the new case load we sought.

Our first TV advertising was produced by a vendor in Colorado that did an adequate job, but we always felt a little embarrassed by the content and quality of these productions. Then we discovered and began using Legal Marketing’s tasteful productions and the quality was brand building and the response was exceptional. We were never embarrassed again.

The last program their marketing team envisioned was particularly profitable. They created a comprehensive marketing strategy that led us into a lucrative pharmaceutical niche. In this division we implemented an incredibly successful campaign for Fen-Phen cases. This campaign pulled in hundreds of new cases within only a few short months and then they led us to co-counsel relationships with other nationally recognized firms that they were also serving. These alliances gave us significant additional depth and experience, thus helping to assure these new clients received our very best legal representation.

Wayne O’Bryan, Founding Partner
Chandler, Franklin & O’Bryan

When I was the head of the New York medical mal-practice department of Fuchsberg and Fuchsberg we worked with the principals of Legal Marketing Strategists to target injured baby and birth cases. When the TV productions ran it was like turning on a spigot. When the spots aired the cases would just run out, and when we went off the air they would dry up. Importantly their commercials were very professional image building productions that we were proud to be associated with. I recommend them highly.

Preston Douglas

I am proud to recommend Legal Marketing Strategists as very excellent and ethical legal marketers. I have worked with principals of the company since the mid-1990s and they have undertaken many advertising and marketing campaigns for me, and have given me valuable advice throughout the years. They have always been able to identify our target and obtain contact from the type and profile client we were looking for. They have been instrumental in the development of my firm, and I feel that my association with them has advanced the good in my firm and therefore case inventory at The Edward A. Williamson Law Firm.

Ed Williamson, Esquire
The Edward A. Williamson Law Firm

I have worked with the founders of Legal Marketing Strategists for over 12 years. Their work on my bankruptcy and mass-tort campaigns is of exceptional quality and continually pulls the results I expect. I strongly believe they make the best productions in the USA for lawyers. Even more, they are exceptionally talented in creating and implementing a full gamut of unique and timely marketing strategies that are always customized to my practice.

These campaigns have brought in many profitable cases that are essential revenue contributors to our practice. I recommend them to any legal firm that depends on the highest quality advertising to grow their revenues. These guys are always one step ahead.

Paul Scanlon, Esquire
Scanlon Law Firm, P.C.

During the past 15 years we have followed the counsel and used the integrated productions and strategies created by the principals of Legal Marketing Strategists. The marketing model they developed to move us into pharmaceutical cases and to expand us in other US and foreign markets proved to be the foundation marketing strategy that led to our enormous growth and success.

Their original program gave us the direction to create key strategic alliances with referring lawyers that together amassed an enormous case load. This initiative pulled-in over 5,000 new cases, resulting in millions of dollars in settlements to date and much more on the way. We couldn’t do it without them.

I have no hesitation in recommending them to other law firms. They always go the extra mile. You always feel as if they are simply an internal division within your own firm. I do not know anyone out there that has a better overview and more wisdom in legal marketing strategies and campaign implementation. Needless to say their phone numbers are hot-keyed in all of our cell phones.

My firm has a long history with the principals of Legal Marketing Strategists and I truly cannot say enough about the quality of their marketing skills and productions!

Within less than one month one of their campaigns produced over 240 cases from the metro-Atlanta area. My new clients consistently verified that it was the compelling message and the high quality of the commercials that attracted them. Even two insurance adjusters commented on the high level of professionalism exemplified in the productions and how they uniquely stood out from the competition.

I think I have had the best of both worlds. We are able to present a professional image and at the same time increase our volume of business. Many times, as we all know very well, these two items do not always go hand in hand.

David Buchanan, Esquire
Buchanan & Associates

Seldom does a day pass without someone commenting positively on our new television advertising campaign. The spots are so effective and powerful. Last night a friend called to say that she and her husband always stop to look when they run as they get your attention and are the best. So is all of the Legal Marketing Strategist team! They get my highest recommendation.

Mark Bryant, Attorney At Law
Bryant & Kautz, PSC

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